Aparahner Aaloye

Aparahner Aaloye: The debut book by the author Mr. Nilotpal Mukherjee is a wonderfully scripted documentation of various shades of life that wraps us from all around.

The otherwise usual life led by the commoners, holds in it a parallel fabric of deceit, conflict and betrayal as well as love, trust and sacrifice

The stories bring us to a cross road where fair and foul either lose their identity or amalgamate seamlessly.

The author, like a distant observer, carefully avoids being opinionated, rather leaves it to the readers to develop their own perspective around the narratives.

As the intricate tapestries of stories are woven, we experience the journey of extremely familiar yet oblique characters, their journeys either remind us of our own or they are shocking revelation of parallel realities.

The readers are bound to cherish each and every gem of this collection as they are not far fetched or unreal, they are the figment of our very own realms

The collection promises to bring to life a different genre of writing that’s extremely fresh in his own style of content.