Bollywood Heroes And Their Grooming Secrets

Arjun Rampal  Arjun Rampal is one dashing looking actor. Arjun thinks that everyone should take care of their skin. His secret is to stay well hydrated as the skin becomes clear and to prevent dry skin use a light moisturiser.

John Abraham  John Abraham believes in using sunscreen to protect the face from harmful UV rays. He uses sunscreen that has SPF 50 to ensure maximum protection.

Varun Dhawan  Varun begins each day by using a face wash followed by an oil-free moisturiser in fact in an interaction Varun had said that the moisturises he uses has to be oil-free because he has an oily skin.

Shahid Kapoor  Shahid Kapoor had once said his beard trimmer is his number one grooming too and goes through an extensive method to style his beard.

Ranveer Singh  Reports suggest that Ranveer grows his moustache and then conditions it with bear oil so that it stays supple and soft.

Tiger Shroff  Tiger Shroff had once said his personal favourite skincare is a facewash that has Matcha green tea as it not only helps to cleanse his face but also detoxifies it from dirt.

Hrithik Roshan Perhaps the hottest man in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan maintains his good looks by washing and moisturising his face twice a day.