Happilist: Minimalism at 360

HAPPILIST breaks you and makes you to reach the epitome of your life.

Sahla Parveen introduces to a magical world where she lets her readers to find abundance of Happiness, Prosperity and Growth by guiding them to transform themselves within 30 days.

As the title at first sight, feels like something new but once we go deep one finds their own connection to the same in myriads of ways.

Its beautifully written how to be a 'Happy soul' as she says every single person born here are beautiful, soulful and happy as Toddler are.

It's when once their surroundings and circle gets mixed in wrong proportions, people became sorrowful, worried anxious and all.

Here the author calls those people to transform themselves to strong self with that old toddler's vibe who he is

geniuely happy from inside by introducing the beautiful lifestyle that she has been practicing in her own way - Minimalism.