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The Pink Beagle

"The Pink Beagle" is a must-read for anyone considering entering into a global business.

The author shares his experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities of expanding a business beyond one's home country.

He stresses the importance of building a strong foundation for a global business, including understanding the target market

developing a long-term strategy, and having the determination to succeed.

The book also highlights the pitfalls of relying on social media influencers and fancy websites, instead emphasizing the need for proper research and seeking advice from reliable sources.

The author also reminds readers that different markets have unique cultures and consumer behaviors, and that understanding these factors is crucial to success

Overall, "The Pink Beagle" is a practical and insightful guide for small exporters and entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact in the global marketplace.

The author's real-life examples and practical advice make this book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to expand their business beyond their home country.

The Pink Beagle