This book comprising of 51 Mudra

is complied with the hope that its ease of understanding and practice will help you

incorporate this amicably into your lives as a medium of everyday health.

When one intends to practice these Mudra as a form of treatment, please ensure to have with you an expert

Through this book, the hope is to improve awareness on this amazing science and its value to human health.

This is the first volume consisting of 51 Mudra techniques.

The Mudra within this volume are intended for easy practice and simplicity of understanding.

Once you gain a better understanding through the experience of practicing these Mudra,

you will be in an optimal position to begin your journey on the upcoming volumes

We hope this book brings great benefit to your lives, gives you good health

and inspires you towards strengthening your journey in Yoga and Spirituality.

Prayers for your health, peace and prosperity. Namho Himalaya